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The Establishment of the International Criminal Tribunal for Palestine (Part II)

I ended Part I of this series yesterday by arguing that the Palestinians’ dualistic bid to join the International Criminal Court (ICC) amounts to lawfare, in that they are not motivated by ideals of international justice. Instead, they are trying to get the best possible political deal for themselves in joining the court with hopes of enjoying the maximum benefits to be gained from membership.…   continue »

Cybersecurity and a New Era of Asymmetric Economic Warfare

In the last two decades, and in particular after the 9/11 attacks, the United States and its allies have had a near-monopoly on the use of coercive economic measures (sanctions, trade controls, investment restrictions, etc.) to achieve foreign policy objectives. This dominance has been grounded in the central role that the U.S.…   continue »

ISIS Fighting Against Taliban: The Enemy of My Enemy Is …?

In a surprising twist, reports are emerging this week that the Islamic State (IS) is making inroads into Afghanistan, and has engaged in fighting against the Taliban there.

Afghan government officials confirmed on Monday that IS has been actively recruiting in southern Afghanistan, and there have been reports of IS fighters clashing with the Taliban, whose leaders want nothing to do with IS.…   continue »

Is it Really Better to be Dead than Blind?

Late last year, the U.S. Navy announced that its $40 million laser weapon is finally ready for combat aboard the special operations staging ship USS Ponce. The laser, which “zaps and burns” at the cost of just 59 cents a shot, is designed for use against aircraft and small ships which “cannot outrun” the concentrated beams of light.…   continue »

Palestine’s Two Cards: A Commitment to Legality and an Invitation to Stop Crimes

Two steps recently taken by Palestine could be a game changer for a seemingly intractable problem. I will argue that these decisions should not be construed as an assault on Israel. They deserve a thorough and sober analysis grasping the significant difference between the 1st of January move accepting the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for events in the past, and the ratification of the following day making Palestine a state party of the Rome Statute, providing jurisdiction for the future.…   continue »

Avoiding a “Militant Democratic” Response to the Paris Attacks

The dreadful Paris attack, even more than the recent and similar attacks in Australia and Canada, is likely to produce a demand for strong action. This is not only because the death count was higher, with two of the perpetrators having so far escaped, and the fact that the attack was followed a day later by another murder of a French police officer.…   continue »

The Paris Attack and Terrorism’s Next Frontier

The Sydney and Paris attacks are manifestations of the long-predicted lone wolf threat posed by militant Islamism. Unfortunately, there will be more of these kind of attacks to come. In terms of understanding the threat, the evolution of pursuing “jihad” from a group basis to a focus on so-called “individual jihad” is a two-edged sword.…   continue »