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My Agenda as New UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression

This past June, the UN Human Rights Council appointed me special rapporteur on the protection and promotion of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, effective August 1st. Last Thursday, I introduced my goals for the mandate in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly and presented the final report of my predecessor (A/69/335), the eminent Guatemalan lawyer, activist and former dissident, Frank La Rue.…   continue »

International Agreements—and Disagreements—on Cybersecurity

Russian media report here and here that Russia and China are preparing to sign a cybersecurity treaty when Vladimir Putin visits China on November 10. The reported agreement would be the latest addition to the increasingly complex landscape of international agreements related to various aspects of cybersecurity—an area that in recent months has also added an African Union treaty and a NATO declaration.…   continue »

Folk tales

Editors’ NoteThe following post is the seventh installment of a new feature, “Monday Reflections,” in which a different Just Security editor will take an in-depth look at the big stories from the previous week and/or a look ahead to key developments on the horizon.…   continue »

Apple, Boyd, and Going Dark

Apple’s recent announcement that it will encrypt its newest iPhones is again pushing to the fore the question of whether the law should be updated to require companies to have systems that would enable them to comply with court orders for information.…   continue »

“Just looking for loopholes…”

…is what W. C. Fields supposedly said when someone found him leafing through the Bible. Apparently some lawyers in the Obama administration are following Fields’s lead, and may succeed in returning to the kind of loophole lawyering of the Bush administration’s “torture memos,” in order to fend off constraints on prisoner abuse abroad.…   continue »